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“Instant transformation with long term results.”






It’s not just underwear.
It’s posture-improving underwear!

All products are designed to improve posture-contours that can be used every day. Beautiful, comfortable, and easy to wear.


Posture-Improving Features

The all-in-one Braologie Posture-Contour Complete Bodysuit provides total posture improving and body shaping, from bust to thighs. It improves posture by strengthening the weak upper back muscles, while stretching tight muscles in the chest, shoulders, lats, and hips. There is an opening in the lower part of the sit for your convenience when using the washroom. The overall goal of wearing our Complete Bodysuit is to balance the head on the neck; the neck on the shoulders; the shoulder girdle on the rib cage; the pelvis on the femurs and restore pain-free and natural movement.


Body Shaping Features



Strong and Cool Fabrics


Easy Bathroom Use

Improve Your Posture and Bodyshape Now



Lite Bodysuit


Posture-Improving and Body-Shaping Features

It is designed for all around shaping with targeted firm control areas to shape you where you need it the most. It is breathable and comfortable with special materials to keep you cool and dry.


Improves your posture and bodyshape now



Posture-Contour Camisole





Improve Your Posture and Bodyshape Now



Braologie’s BRACIE



Posture-Improving and Body-Shaping Features
Unlike the posture support brace, Braologie’s Bracie is an undergarment that you can wear with your bra without being noticeable. This asset-enhancing Bracie centers the breasts and boosts them while slimming the back and underarm bulges. It also gently pulls the shoulders back to improve posture while you carry on with your daily activities. The shoulder straps can be adjusted to increase or decrease corrective force and ensure comfort.







Improves Your Posture and Bodyshape Now








Posture-Improving and Body-Shaping Features

Braologie Posture-Contour Pants sits high on the thigh while providing maximum support to your buttocks. The excess fat tissue on the thighs will be pulled back in the buttocks area. It also helps put tension on the muscles at the front of the thighs, helping to lift the hips and tightening the buttocks and thigh muscles. Poor posture may be the result of being overweight, back pain, muscle strain or a combination of all of these problems. Because of the constricting and supportive materials used in the contour pants, it corrects your posture, eliminating the tendency to stand with uneven hips. 




Improves your posture and bodyshape now




Ill fitting bras can lead to many posture problems


Posture-Contour Bra



Exclusive Features
Introducing our main featured bra “The Lacie”, designed and developed with over 30 years experience. No other bra on the market right now has built in so much function into one product. All this is incorporated into 3 goals in mind, to concentrate, lift and hold your breast.




*Don’t see your size? Contact us for alternative sizing.

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Ill-fitting bra affects your posture as well!

Breasts are uplifted even though the bra was lightly padded. Comfortable as the whole breast is fitted nicely into the bra cup (not being squeezed out).

A better upper back posture

After wearing the products for a marathon of 3 days I noticed a better upper back posture.

Makes me straighten my back

I've noticed that the products are forcing me to stand a bit straighter (they do feel more uncomfortable when I'm leaning forward, which in turns makes me straighten my back).

I am already in L*O*V*E with my products.

I am already in L*O*V*E with my products. And lets just say they make me look way hotter than I really am. Gotta love that!!!!!!

Helps improve your posture from the minute you wear it!

Braologie shapewear forces you to stay straight, thus helping to improve your posture. The bra lifts your breasts, makes them look fuller, relieves pressure from the back so that it doesn’t hurt and gives great support. The mini vest helps it to do its job, while the long leg pantry shapes your body, lifts your bum and helps posture. It also features a hole in the crotch for bathroom convenience. Despite the time it takes to put it on, which is due to the many hooks it has, and the initial discomfort you feel when you wear the products for the first time, I’m in love with Braologie. Their shapewear really helps to improve your posture and gives you a great silhouette.

Never part from this bra EVER again!

I would never part from this bra EVER again!!!! I feel and look amazing in my Braologie products!! I LOVE BRAOLOGIE!


Does Braologie ship everywhere?

Yes we ship to anywhere in the world.

What if I don’t like the product when I get it?

*If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, we gladly accept return or exchange of items that are unworn, unwashed, and in their original packaging within 14 days of delivery. We must be notified by email 7 calendar days from the date the merchandise was delivered and the item(s) must be returned for the exchange in good condition (unworn and unwashed) within 14 days from the time the item was delivered. You must notify customer care in writing of your wish to exchange or return your purchased item any time after your order has been placed, up until 7 working days from the day after you receive you order. Email us at . On receipt of your notice of return or exchange, we will email you the return or exchange procedure, as well as the return address.
We recommend that you insure the return shipment as you are under a duty to take reasonable care of the goods and will be liable for damage to them until we receive them at our warehouse. We also recommend that you use a secure, trackable means to return your order to us and that you retain proof of sending, in case of a dispute.
Please note that you must cover the cost of the return shipment and will deduct 15USD shipping fee from the refunded amount..
All items must be returned unused, in their original condition and from the country that the order was delivered to.
We will refund the full value of your order, excluding return shipping costs, within 14 days of receiving your return item(s). 


Note: All returns have to be in good condition (unwashed and unworn) for our return program. The return policy will default if the item is returned in an obvious poor condition (such as bobble/pill, surface defect of textiles caused by wear, bend wires, cups are out of shape, odor etc) and will lessen the value of the item. 

Products must be returned in the original box and/or packaging. Make sure that the box/package is rigid, is in excellent condition. If the original packaging is not reusable, please select a new shipping container which is specially designed to withstand impact. As noted above, all items must be returned in a re-saleable condition and we are not responsible for damage to products in transit back to us. The best advice is to keep your item and all packaging in perfect condition for the return period.


* Only applicable to online orders. 

Please contact your bra consultant or for return/exchange procedure.

How much is shipping?

Standard shipping is FREE for purchases over $100USD. Express shipping is FREE for purchases over $200USD.  Anything else is $15USD flat rate standard shipping.

What kinds of payment does Braologie accept?

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

Can I purchase Braologie products anywhere else?

Braologie products is exclusive only to our official Braologie website.

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