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“No other brand has taken all this function and design into one bra.”


Fascinating fitting

I am already in L*O*V*E with my products. And lets just say they make me look way hotter than I really am. Gotta love that!!!!!!

Bra Fits amazingly well

"The bra fits amazingly well and even though there is no padding, the fats by side all was pushed to the front and it does stays on the whole day."

Look and feel thinner

The bra and undergarment reduce the appearance of rolls around my bra straps and back fat.

Instantly lifted up

I love that I felt instantly lifted up and slimmer in the bra. My husband noticed it right away, and my mom even noticed that the girls looked lifted, and asked if I'd lost weight!

Perky bobbies

I had an amazing bra thanks to my posture analysis and custom fitting (I sent them FULL measurements) honestly it is the best comfiest bra I have ever owned!

I was so surprised

Such a lift, comfortably under-wire bra.

Enhance cleavage in 1 min

Breasts are uplifted even though the bra was lightly padded. Comfortable as the whole breast is fitted nicely into the bra cup (not being squeezed out).

Define the breasts

Braologie's bra pushed up the breasts in a natural looking way, without need for padding.

Never part from this bra EVER again!

I would never part from this bra EVER again!!!! I feel and look amazing in my Braologie products!! I LOVE BRAOLOGIE!
All our bras…
Exclusive Features









The overall design of our bras is to focus all the breast tissue in the center of your chest preventing sag and outward breasts resulting in a more pronounced cleavage.



       Bra cups and back band are designed to fully support and lift the breast to the ideal level of your body resulting in a straighter body shape.



               The back band design allows you to keep all your breast tissues from going backwards forcing it back towards the front and holding it in your bra cups. No more thick big backs. 

Posture-Contour Bra
The Lacie



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Exclusive Features

Introducing our main featured bra “The Lacie”, designed and developed to provide breast support. No other bra on the market right now has built in so much function into one product. All this is incorporated into 3 goals in mind, to concentrate, lift and hold your breast.




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*Don’t see your size? Contact us for alternative sizing.

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Posture-Contour Bra


Posture-Contour Casual

Exclusive Features

 We understand that sometimes women wants to be discreet with their undergarments but still have the support and hold in their bras. Our “Casual” bra is developed and designed with discretion in mind but without losing functionality. With most of the function as our “Lacie” bra but discreet using our smooth cups, we hope to assist women to all their needs.




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*Don’t see your size? Contact us for alternative sizing.




Does Braologie ship everywhere?

Yes we ship to anywhere in the world.

What if I don’t like the product when I get it?

All items carry a 7 day return policy from the time the item was delivered. We must be notified by email by the 7th day and the item(s) must be returned in good condition within 14 days from the time the item was delivered. Full refund is applied if the item was returned within 14 days and under good condition. Return Shipping and full order amount are refundable only if the size that we sent you is not a correct fit. Please read our blog here, to further understand what it takes to choose your size.

*Note: All returns have to be in good condition for our refund program. The return policy will default if the item is returned in an obvious poor condition (such as bobble/pill, surface defect of textiles caused by wear, bend wires, cups are out of shape etc) and will lessen the value of the item. 

*The best advice is to keep your item and all packaging in perfect condition for the return period.

Please contact your bra consultant or for return process.

How much is shipping?

Standard shipping is FREE for purchases over $100USD. Express shipping is FREE for purchases over $200USD.  Anything else is $15USD flat rate standard shipping.

What kinds of payment does Braologie accept?

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

Can I purchase Braologie products anywhere else?

Braologie products is exclusive only to our official Braologie website.

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